The Benefits of Using Pooch ‘n’ Purrs Pet Sitting:

  • Your pets stay at home, in their familiar environment, maintaining a calm, stress-free experience.


  • We follow your pet's daily routine.


  • Your pet will receive our one-on-one love and undivided attention.


  • Traveling to and from a boarding facility can be stressful on your pet (and you)!


  • No need for additional vaccines as often required by boarding facilities.


  • Is competitively priced with boarding facilities and pets stay clean, balanced and have fun!


  • Senior pets and puppies often need potty breaks more frequently. We can give them midday breaks and administer medication, if necessary.


  • Keeping your pet at home minimizes exposure to outside illnesses. 


  • You will receive daily text or email updates of your pet's activity and well being.


  • You will have peace-of-mind knowing that your pet is in the hands of a professional pet sitter with over 20 years of experience in the pet care field.


  • No specific drop-off/pick-up times or worries about travel/flight delays. Your pet will be happy at home upon your arrival.


  • You won't be imposing on a friend, neighbor, or relative to care for your pet.


  • Your travel plans are simplified and worry-free from the need to find pet-friendly stops, hotels, and restaurants.


  • We provide mail/newspaper pick up, trash-to-curb, and plant care, as needed.


  • For your protection and ours, we are bonded and insured.


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